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Product Designer specializing in design systems, typography, and storytelling, with an MFA from California College of the Arts. Known for effectively leading designers, collaborating with engineers, and having everything in auto-layout in Figma. When not designing, often found mountain biking in the Oakland Hills.





In collaboration with the Marketing team, I design web layouts and art direct for ongoing product storytelling. Utilizing a comprehensive design system for rapid iteration, our team is able to quickly adapt to constantly evolving business needs.

Due to the nature of the work and that it is ongoing, most of it I can not share currently. Check to see the evolution.


From initial reservation to ownership, I collaborated across design disciplines, product, business, and engineering to give users a consistent experience. My role involved directing the visual presentation of all screens across various platforms, managing the UI handoff to engineers, and ensuring a consistent brand experience. Throughout the project, I leveraged skills in user empathy, collaboration, and design systems.

Due to the nature of the work and that it is ongoing, most of it I can not share currently.


Spearheaded the creation of an extensive design system in Figma, encompassing type and color styles, numerous variants, and design tokens as variables. This system has become a fundamental resource, regularly utilized by both designers and engineers in our workflows. Components from the system are meticulously reviewed with engineers on an individual basis using tools like Storybook or GitHub, ensuring precision and consistency in implementation.

Due to the nature of the work and that it is ongoing, most of it I can not share currently.

UI Icons at Fisker

Led the project to create all-new icons to be used across web, app, and in-car experiences.

[NDA] at Apple

Unable to share publicly


Interactive roadmaps to detail IBM's technology advancements. Collaborated with researchers, illustrators, and creative directors, to deliver a narrative-driven presentation in interactive web form. Launched at IBM Think 2022 and updated annually, the project helped IBM communicate complex tech concepts (like Quantum, AI, and Cloud) in a new format.

Greg LeMond and the Amazing Colored Dream Bike at WIRED Magazine

I got to use my skills in editorial design when doing the layout and creative on a WIRED Magazine feature on LeMond Bicycles. The project garnered recognition as a finalist in the SPD Designers 57 Awards under the 'Photography: Feature, Profile, Non-Celebrity; Story' category.

UI Icons at Strava

A comprehensive set of icons for both app, web, and marketing usage. All using a grid system based on the Strava logo's angles. Each icon was designed in four sizes, each with a unique stroke width.

This project was done with my co-workers at StoryTK, Francesco Muzzi and Carl de Torries, the team at Manual SF, Raul Aguila, and the Strava Brand team.


A comprehensive brand system for a wine-focused startup. Additionally, custom illustrations were created, encapsulating themes of wine, tasting, and education. In addtion to delivering several web layouts, a UI kit was also delivered to help the company build new products in the future.

RE:WIRED Illustrations at WIRED

Coming up with several spot illustrations for varouis speeches by visionaries.

Shown to introduce live interviews with Prince Harry, Jony Ives, Anna Wintour and more.

Spot Illustrations at Micron

A series of illustrations for Micron, to illustrate the company's capabilities

IBM 3 Questions Youtube Covers at IBM

Created a design template for a series of Youtube cover images for IBM Research.

COVID Vaccine Tracker at First Person & The Milkken Institute

In response to a lack of information of the varouis COVID-19 vaccine in development, my team at First Person and I partnered with the Milken Institute to create This site, which I helped design and illustrate, features a daily-updated tracker, as well as interactive storytelling for what vaccines are, how they're made, and their stages of development.

Built with Webflow, and using integromat to migrate airtable data into Webflow's CMS to give live updates.

Holiday at First Person

At First Person, I created a unique holiday card using generative design principles, crafted with p5.js.

ASHP Conference Graphics at Omnicell

As the Art Director for almost all the touch screens, I translated complex messages into interactive visuals using the newly-launched brand identity.

I oversaw the whole process until deployment, including directing a team of animators and developers.

HEX Art Installation at Delta Dental

In collaboration with Martin Venezky, I created several 10 ft. collages for Delta Dental's headquarters in Oakland.

Work Experience

2022 — Now
San Francisco, CA

On the Digital Product team, I manage the website and the design system for several products.

2021 — 2022
Oakland, CA

Worked under the leadership of former WIRED Art Directors Carl de Torres & Francesco Muzzi. We created illustrations, data visualizations, print magazines, website, logos, icons and more for clients like IBM, Apple, Strava, and more.

2019 — 2021
Art Director at First Person
San Francisco, CA

Work on campaigns and branding initiatives for several Fortune 500 companies.

2019 — 2019
Redwood City, CA

Working on future concepts for mobility.

Side Projects

Thesis Exhibition Graphics
Incomplete Manifesto for Growth at Personal

Personal printed project illustrative Bruce Mau's "Incomplete Manifesto for Growth."



Blog post written about our Vaccine Tracker with insights from every member of the team


2017 — 2019
Master of Fine Arts in Design at California College of the Arts
San Francisco, CA

Emphasis on Graphic Design. A masters degree for making art-like-design!

2009 — 2012
Bachelor of Arts, Photography at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Melbourne, Australia

Emphasis on Photojournalism